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Prints & Safe Keeping

What are your thoughts on print quality?
My collections are designed in such a way that you will have beautiful images and the highest quality representation of your investment. All of my prints are made with archival ink and archival paper, protecting them from fading and weathering so they endure the test of time.

How are my images stored and protected?
I take great care to protect all of my work. I use a Drobo Drive system to store your images. My Drobo is an external drive, separate from my computer. Inside of the Drobo, there are four individual, separate drives. After your event, I make a folder in which I place all of your images. When your folder gets copied to the Drobo Drive, it then exists in four separate places---essentially it is quadruply backed up! You can learn about Drobo here. Then, I upload your event to an off-site server for another back-up.

How long do I keep your images?
I shoot all my images in RAW format and each image is a big file, which makes for the best quality print. I keep your images for two years. After that time, I you will notify you that you may make a final print order. I welcome questions you may have so feel free to ask me anything on my Connect page.